Monday, March 30, 2009

From today onwards , I will be blogging mainly at LiveJournal cos some of my friends have LJ a/c's so yup .

I will continue to blog on my music blog still , no way am I giving it up so easily so for other fangirling & non fangirling moments , just click


Sunday, March 22, 2009

A very happy 3rd anniversary to 1 of my fave acts in the form of KAT-TUN ! it has been exactly 3 years since their debut single Real Face was released on this very day ie. 22nd March & naturally all the KT fangirls are celebrating this very special day & so am I .

This's special for me because it's the 1st time I'm celebrating the sextet's 3rd anniversary as I only came onboard their music just like last April / May .

Frankly I surprise myself in that I never would have thought I would be supporting Johnny's artistes alongside with non Johnny artistes as seriously they were the last bunch of people that came knocking on my door .

I was already supporting quite a lot of female solo acts with some JRock bands thrown in for good measures & then Johnny's acts didn't came knocking on my door til much later on in which I frankly can say that I so regret in supporting them a bit too late lmao .

I still remembered before I officially became a full time KAT-TUN fangirl (alongside with being a full time ARASHI one among other artistes) , I read & have heard so much about them ... via wikipedia no doubt . I was wondering to myself at that time , what's so good about them & for a band that was put together originally as a temporary group for KinKi Kids's Domoto Koichi 8 years ago & subsequently becoming a permanent unit , it's saying something .

& the fact that they didn't managed to debut officially til 3 years ago , it was a very long wait to say the least but it was I'm quite sure worthwhile for the 6 extremely talented guys to finally see the day/light of debuting .

Boy when I finally gave their music a try in the form of their 5th single Keep the faith , I was immediately sold as I never expect a boyband to dab in rock music seeing that I'm a BIG & HUGE fan of rock music . That & also with a rapper & a beatboxer on board , you definitely can't go wrong with that .

Also the fact that Eirynne on AHS kinda brainwashed me to like their music & then some helped too haha ;p .

The thing I like about KT's that music wise , it's not really pure rock that they do . Instead it's a mash up of many different music genres that they have put together & in the process creating an unique sound of their own as evident in their 3rd FUCKING AMAZING album KAT-TUN III - QUEEN OF PIRATES - .

That & also how often you have heard of a rapper & a beatboxer being in a boyband ? I don't think it's something that's quite commonly known in the Eng music scene & let alone locally too .

KAT-TUN III - QUEEN OF PIRATES - was the very 1st Johnny's album that I downloaded/listened to , let alone for their album & I was so impressed with what I have heard on 1st listen as I never thought an album would have sounded so amazing from the start to the end .

It's awesome that they blended in so many different music genres in their 3rd album offering & considering the fact that there were only 3 singles & 8/12 new songs , the album tracks sound on par if not even more superior than the singles counterparts which's quite a rarity .

I was so blown away with KAT-TUN III - QUEEN OF PIRATES - so much so that I ordered the album online straightaway after listening to it for 1 whole week & it's a no brainer that it's my fave album of last year , I stressed this so many times in my music blog , I probably should shut up on that fact now lmao & I personally feel that it's 1 of the best Johnny's original albums that I have came across too .

It's still my fave album of the guys at this point in time even though I also dig their debut album Best of KAT-TUN as well but right now nothing still beats KAT-TUN III - QUEEN OF PIRATES - .

& since then I have listened to their whole discograhy & I probably officially came onboard to support them 100% full time after hearing KAT-TUN III - QUEEN OF PIRATES - .

So I have talked about their music but how about person/people wise in the group ? I honestly can say that before knowing who's who's in KAT-TUN , I really had no idea as to how they looked like at all , let alone for other artistes that I support , be it Johnny or non-Johnny as to me I always always go for the music .

It's pointless for me to give me a very good looking girl/guy/band but yet they sound tone deaf on record , let alone live .

At 1st when I began to know who's who in the group , I saw pics of the guys on magazines & etc & I thought to myself what a buncha moody looking dudes they're but it turns out that by right they're very very funny .

I have seen them numerous times on variety shows such as Utaban , HEYx3 , MUSIC STATION & also their own variety show cartoon KAT-TUN & they actually can carry a joke or 2 which surprised me as I guess the image that they portrayed's so different as compared to what you see in real life .

In fact I was shocked to find out that at 1st when they were formed 8 years ago by Domoto Koichi , they can't get along for nuts & they have said it many times before even up to now that they had a lot of fist fights & 1 fight grew so big/major between the de facto leader Kamenashi Kazuya & my fave sadist Ueda Tatusya which threatened to spilt up the group .

Kame & Ueda talked about that in the very 1st apperance of the group in HEYx3 in a rather open manner too . They laughed over it but of course at that time when it took place it wasn't a laughing matter at all .

Thankfully they're all adults now but I suppose kids will be kids . That's what I like about the guys in that they're very honest & outspoken of the good kind . I don't like people faking it in front of people , it's just ugh on every single level & also you can tell that they genuinely appericate the fans's support & care which I admire that in the guys .

At least it beats supporting the local music scene in which I probably can name about 10-20 people or more who fall under the ungrateful/arrogant category in my books *COUGH* [I left supporting the local music scene because I wasn't happy in what I'm seeing in that feeling under-appericated & all but that's a different story altogether , BACK TO KAT-TUN now OK !]

Also unlike other artistes I support , they're the only band that I called all of them by their surnames . I'm so used to it already so if you ask me to call Akanishi by his given name Jin , it just sound so wrong on all levels to me .

& did I mentioned , I adore their factory skits in the making of segments of their music videos . Nakamaru , you're a genius man for starting it . I really want to see more of it in their future making of segments :( . White X'mas ones was awesome though <3

That & also I feel everyone in the group can sing & they displayed pretty good songwriting/composing skills in numerous songs scattered all around their discography .

Here're some thoughts that I want to share on how I feel for each member in KAT-TUN & it goes according to their surnames so yup & it's quite a rarity for me to like all of them equally for their own individual right even though I must admit that there're certain days that I have my own particular faves :)

Kamenashi Kazuya -- the K in KAT-TUN , this's the guy whom I'm currently fighting over Eirynne on a never ending daily basis since last year *joke* & that's Kame !

I find it hard to believe that he's only a year older than me but the way he presents himself , he stuck me as something who's very mature & probably had gone though a lot in his life before KAT-TUN came about despite being the youngest in the group .

He's often considered as the unofficial leader as he & Nakamaru are very outspoken of the good kind & tend to do a lot of MC during concert takes .

That & also the amount of fanservice that he has done for all the KAT-TUN fangirls let alone for me & Eirynne . Nowdays whenever I watch the group's LIPS video , I always will have a fit after that because of him @_@ no thanks to the eyeliner & the visual kei inspired like esemble that he donned on there .

It's odd that when I watched him in One Pound Gospel where he was practically topless for 85% of the time , I didn't reacted that much but with a video like LIPS it's just O_O & to think I didn't had any reaction when I 1st saw the video but now OH MY GOD , I will be staring at him from the start to the end whenever I watched it , it's that BAD I tell you lmao .

That & also the crazy whack solo performance he did in the Queen Of Pirates DVD aka w/o notice ?? . That was just ... something even though his hair was horrendous on there :S .

Also what more can you say about this really good looking guy who's more or less really likeable & hot ? :) & he displayed really good singing & songwriting skills as evident in SPECIAL HAPPINESS & the awesome awesome awesome Kizuna .

Oh Kame you're just too modest lah in saying that your songwriting skills suck because I frankly think they don't !

*back to fighting with Eirynne over Kame now* ;p

Akanishi Jin -- Eirynne loves to pick on him all the time lmao which figures & she dubbed him the wannabe american while I love calling him nowadays blockhead & Bakanishi at times .

For me , it took me the longest to appericate Akanishi in the group seeing that most pics that I have seen of him , he only does 1 thing which's pouting waaay too much . I didn't like the fact that he doesn't smile for practically almost 99.999% of pics that I seen of him , be it solo or group shots & that sometimes goes for variety shows too .

I guess you can say that he has that kinda face in which you want to beat him up & etc LOL

Thankfully as time goes by , I began to see Akanishi in a different light & it helped after I found out from Eirynne that he's the 1 that insisted SIX SENSES to be included in KAT-TUN III - QUEEN OF PIRATES - which scored big time in my books as that's 1 of my fave songs on the album even though by right I love every single song on the record .

Also unlike other people I know , I like the fact that he doesn't fake in front of the camera in that if he's pissy/moody over something , he just show it & don't fake around even though I still think he needs to show a bit more professionalism in the group but that's the blockhead for you .

Vocal wise , he sings quite damn good & I like his solo compositions like LOVEJUICE (I hated the song at 1st omg something was wrong with me back then :O) & BUTTERFLY which he cowrote with Ueda on Best of KAT-TUN .

Then again , he & Kame are not dubbed as Akame for nothing seeing that they're the 2 lead vocalists in the group so go you Akanishi .

Taguchi Junnosuke - the 1st T in the group aka the DoM / Masochist , Taguchi aka Junno as he's affectionately known .

I think he's someone that brings the atmosphere & mood in KAT-TUN as he's always the one cracking jokes & puns , be it good or bad ones . He makes me laugh which's a good sign & is always getting beaten up by the rest .

It's not that he's the most hated one in the group but rather he asked & requested for that to happen & it's usually Tanaka that's doing that to Taguchi LOL .

Surprsingly the tallest one in the group is also the most acrobatic & he's really skilled in dancing too & he's probably considered as the best dancer in KAT-TUN . I have seen him doing back flips & etc in the group's concert dvds without breaking a sweat & that's really cool & just like ARASHI's Aiba Masaki , Taguchi's quite light hearted & a KY person .

Even though he's not the youngest in the group , he tend to behave like 1 which's frankly cute .

Solo material wise , I really like Natsu no Basho & SAMURAI LOVE ATTACK . The performance for SAMURAI LOVE ATTACK is just too cute for words & I hope Junno will deliver another great cool solo track in due time .

Tanaka Koki - the rapper in the group & the 2 T , it's the loveable Koki who goes by the name of JOKER when comes to writing his own rap lyrics in KAT-TUN . He's responsible for writing all the rap lyrics in the group's discography .

On 1st impression , Koki scared me a LOT when I was getting to know KAT-TUN because of the chao ah beng image that he portrayed but oh man he's so misunderstood as time goes by .

I never would have thought that JOKER is such a sweet person & a teddy bear in real life which's definitely a sharp contrast to the image that he portrayed in pics .

Ironically when KAT-TUN was 1st formed , he was the 1st person to object to the idea seeing that outta the 6 , it's he that joined Johnny & Associates the earliest so techincally he's their senior in the group .

All that changed when the group held their 1st concert together before debuting . In fact I watched an episode of him where he appeared at Shounen Club Premium where TOKIO's Taichi was the host & Tanaka opened a lot to Taichi on what he feel then & now about the group .

I never thought that it's actually Tanaka that persuaded Akanishi to come back after he took a leave of absence of 6 months 2 years ago & that's quite heartening to know

Ueda Tatsuya -- why lookie here , it's my fave DoS / sadist in the form of Ueda ! I remembered when I 1st got to know the whole group , he really fascinated me quite a big deal & still do now .

He stuck me as someone who's really quiet & mysterious , kinda like a slient killer in the group haha but give him the chance to talk , he will say something funny if not just something plain serious .

He's just a really cool person I feel & he's kinda bizarre in a good way . I laughed at the whole 'I see fairies & JRock reject' images that he portrayed in the past but at least those are long gone now & he's being himself now which's probably the best for him as it makes him look more 'normal' LOL .

Tat-chan's an extremely talented person , he wrote/composed many of his own solo songs like Ai no Hana , LOST & I still want Love in snow on a CD in due time as I really love it when I heard it in his Mouse Peace concert .

That & also he has some of the coolest long earrings around & it helped that I'm a sadist too & so's Eirynne so sadists unite , HURRAH :D

Nakamaru Yuichi -- the N in the group , it's Maru aka the beatboxer & together with Tanaka , both of them formed the comedy duo TaNaka which's a barrel of laughter .

I adore his beatboxer skills as he's so scaredly good in it & he's the 1st Johnny to showcase really good beatboxing skills as he started it to stand out from the masses as he doesn't want to blend in like a wallpaper in the group which really served him well .

Aside from that , he's also the one that's known to stop whatever fights that goes on in the group , kinda like a mother hen for that matter as he's the oldest outta the rest .

I also admire his singing & songwriting skills as evident in key of life & most recently SMACK .

I'm currently watching his drama RESCUE & he's doing himself pretty well as an actor & props goes out to you as well , NEWS's Masuda :)


with that said , it's another round of saying a HUGE & happy 3rd anniversary (music wise) to KAT-TUN & may you have many more wonderful years in time to come & I can say that I'm proud to support you guys .

Considering that I have your whole music discography it's saying something I guess haha .

Now can you please make a trip down to S'pore , I want to see you guys perform live in the flash , that will be awesome if that were to come true . That & also maybe a stop by Eirynne's house er I mean California , LOL



Saturday, March 21, 2009

A big happy birthday to Lisa who turned 17 today , woo hoo . Just before I went to bed last night , I decided to create a birthday thread for her on AHS & I sent her a personalised birthday card featuring MatsuJun & ARASHI and also Koda Kumi's TRICK album for her on Fri the 13th & she told me that she received this on Tue which really shocked me .

But at least I'm real glad that her birthday card & TRICK arrived safely at her house & early for that matter :) & just because today's her birthday , I let her have MatsuJun for the day lmao .

School wise , I'm so relieved that I already have finished 1/2 of my marketing individual assignment & I think by tomorrow I will finish the other 1/2 as I have to submit it online this coming Tue afternoon . I know it's bad for me to leave things at the last min all the time but that's my nature & I'm stubborn too .

At least after I get my marketing assignment outta the way after Tue , I have a group presentation to prepare & then I'm more or less done for my incourse work for marketing .

& every KAT-TUN fan is gearing up for tomorrow seeing that on tomorrow's very day ie. 22nd March , it has been exactly 3 years since the release of their debut single Real Face :)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Wow , Ohisashiburi Desu des , has been a while since I last updated . Not that much is going on in my life other than the fact that school's still same 'ol same 'ol (I have an individual marketing assignment due next Tue) & finals are next month @_@ .

Lots of stuff will be taking place this coming weekend including my friend Lisa's birthday in which she's gonna be 17 this coming Sat .

She's already dropping so much hints on AHS on that haha but at least last week I went to the post office to mail out her birthday card & a pressie in which I really hope that she will like it . Well she better be , it has MatsuJun's pic on her birthday card which I did it myself :)

Speaking of weekend , I went though an eating marathon of sorts . On Sat night , I went to Merchant Court for buffet dinner & yesterday I went back to my maternal grandma's house for dinner . Frankly nothing beats home cooked food , especially when it comes to fried sambal blelachan kangkong & steamed herbal chicken <3 .

& I'm going to have another eating spree this coming Sat at Noble House with due respect to my maternal grandma's birthday , oh my god , I'm going to be a flying dumbo at the rate I keep on eating good stuff all the time . See it's so hard to go on a diet if you're living in S'pore , it's no laughing matter at all .

Fangirling wise , this coming Sun's an important date for all KAT-TUN fans . Eirynne & I are both excited because on 22nd March , it will be exactly 3 years since Real Face was released & since this will be the 1st time I'm celebrating the guys's music debut anniversary , all the more I'm very excited about it .

Eirynne said that she has something planned in mind for all the KT fans in AHS & I look forward to it big time .


Sunday, February 22, 2009

There's nothing like hearing a fave song of yours being played on radio even though you have downloaded it from the net . That feeling's just something you can't explain at all .

What am I talking about ? Earlier on , KAT-TUN's On My Mind was played on Yes 933FM & someone in a KAT-TUN LiveJournal community told me last week that 933 tends to play the Oricon top5 hits every Sun from 10-11pm with a bit of KPop thrown in for good measures & because the guys's 9th single ONE DROP was #1 last week , the radio DJs played On My Mind earlier on which surprised me because I thought they might play the A-side but ah to hear it on the radio it's just <3 .

I don't know whether other radio stations in S'pore played JPop as I'm more or less lost touch with the radio scene but at least now I know every Sun 10-11pm , I will be tuning into 933 for sure & I can't wait to hear RESCUE on air =D . If not , then the 2 B-sides on the single I also don't mind at all .

I'm probably be tuning into 933 next Sat afternoon just to hear On My Mind again hahaha because this's what I found on their site :


so yup hee .

1 thing's for sure , I guess I will be tuning into 933 specially every Sun night just to hear them play the top 5 hits from last week's Oricon chart & I suppose I will be able to hear ayumi hamasaki's Rule / Sparkle , ARASHI's Believe / Kumori Nochi , Kaisei in the weeks to come .

This's a bit early but a HUGE happy birthday to the K in KAT-TUN ie. Kamenashi Kazuya =D =D =D who turns 23 tomorrow . Hopefully Irene has something planned for him or not lmao but YAY to this gorgeous & handsome guy who can knock me & Irene out big time with eyeliner , eyeshadow & black fingernails anytime of the day wheee & dude please lose the perm ;p

Only Domoto Tsuyoshi & Matsumoto Jun can rock the perm but NOT you .

Ok I'm done with fangirling for today & onto something solemn in that I want to observe a min of slience now because it's exactly 3 years ago on this day that my friend Tracie has passed on .

The memories of my friendship with her still lingers on after so long & yeah I still do miss her very much . I'm quite sure she's in a great place now where there's no more suffering on her part now .

Here's to you Tracie , KAT-TUN's PRECIOUS ONE .


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I haven't done this for a long time so it's good for me to let off steam now & it's probably the 1st time that I went to bed last night feeling so utterly pissed/annoyed at some idiot .

1) YOU said that I keep changing my avater on AHS on a very frequent basis . Who're you to dictate on what I do on every nook & cranny that I do on AHS ?

2) YOU put words into my mouth . I never said that Aoyama Thelma's songs were boring , it's just her videos that I find them a major bore so zip it !

3) YOU keep picking on me for every jpop CD/item that I purchase/post in the Asian Collection Thread & even mentioned that my jpop collection's so big & how do I find the time to manage it . SO WHAT it's ?! Other people have even more things than me but I don't say anything about it & it's really no big deal .

Besides it's my $ that I'm using to buy & not yours to expand my jpop collection so deal with it .

4) are YOU crying/desperate for attention on the forum ? Probably so , if not how do you explain the numerous posts that you make everyday since appearing outta nowhere til 2-3 weeks ago in which probably 1/2 of it are classified as spam .

5) why do you care so much on when I logged onto AHS ? I'm pretty much real annoyed with the whole 'omg Karen you're back online' blah blah blah . It's not like I'm the only person you know/talk on there , you closet freak .

Are you stalking me in secret ? I'm more or less grow sick of you & your nonsense you heard ? & because of you , I'm now very afraid of coming on AHS . As the last resort , I will put YOU on my ignore list should this persist on .

& I thought being nice to you was ok initally but you more or less have pushed my limits & looks like my resolution for 2009 in not being so nice to people is finally paying off .

OK rant over .


Saturday, February 14, 2009

RESCUE's just awesome , be it song or drama . I didn't want to watch it initally because of the concept/story plot behind it but after I watched Ousama no Brunch where Nakamaru & Masuda mentioned on how much back brickering work they put into , I had to see it in which I did so earlier on when I watched the 1st 2 episodes on streaming on mysoju & needless to say I'm very impressed on what RESCUE had to offer .

Considering that it's Maru's 1st role in a drama , he has done himself well & Masuda's ain't 1/2 bad either . The 2nd episode ended on a cliffhanger where it's just too shocking for words & I just hate it when bad things happened :(

Oh well , reality's usually more cruel than what you see in reel life . So this means I have 3 dramas that I will be juggling to watch in the form of Uta no Oii-san , Kami no Shizuku & now RESCUE .

It's a lot but I can manage ... I hope haha

& earlier on in the morning , I saw pics of Maru & the DoS Ueda on the new POPEYE magazine & gaaa brain short circuited especially for Ueda @_@ . I know he has a buff body but after seeing what he had to offer in POPEYE mag , *thud*

Guess you can say that more of less all of KAT-TUN has been growing on me , be it music or members wise & things have more or less shifted gear for me in which I couldn't be more happier about . That's not to say that I don't support the other Johnny's . I still do but KT takes priority for me at this point in time .

& what a cool way to celebrate Valentine's Day of sorts in which it's just a day where you get lousy excuses to jack up the prices of roses & chocolates & what's not .


So ayumi hamasaki will be releasing her new album NEXT LEVEL on 25th next month & naturally people I know are flipping out over this new release & especially because of the fact that it will be out in 4 different editions in which the last one's , her material will be housed in a 2GB thumbdrive which's designed like her 10th anniversary logo .

Not to forget , it will be out exactly a month later after Rule / Sparkle & the same thing has happened to alan too .

I probably am the only 1 who doesn't get it on why people are flipping out that the thumbdrive's already sold out on most online sites . It's just an IT gadget filled with her new album's material . Like you will die if you don't get 1 . I probably can ask someone to replicate the design & then in return I will have something like the real McCoy & that I will pay it for 1/2 or probably 3/4 of the original price .

The thumbdrive's selling for 6,800 Yen which's retarded . I think you can buy a 2GB thumbdrive for $20/30 since it's so cheap now & for people to be flipping out about this in that they can't get their hands on it anymore , I don't get it at all . Not to mention , is it worth it in the 1st place ?

To me definitely not as it's stupid to pay $250+ for it inclusive of shipping . I can make my $ worth with $250+ & there's a limit on how much I can go . Like as much as I support ayumi & other top notch acts (imo) such as ARASHI , BREAKERZ , KAT-TUN , there's no way I can shell out that kinda amount to 1 artiste , let alone all of them .

It's not the end of the world anyway . Besides I already have an 8GB thumbdrive & I use her 10th anniversary logo keychain to attach the thumbdrive on it in which I'm more than contented about .

& the other group of people who're flipping out over this are the ones who're buying her Rule / Sparkle singles . Well I wouldn't blame them but thankfully I'm not affected by this since I don't have any singles of ayumi at all so I gladly wait for the album to be out in due time .


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:: Poem ::

O Mortals !
What is Love
That binds beyond life on earth ?

To all corners
in a pair we fly
Braving summer
and winter by and by

Union is bliss ;
parting is woe !
Agony is boundless
for a lovelorn soul !

Sweetheart ,
give me word ...
Trail of clouds
drifting forward ...

Amid mountains
capped with snow
Whither shall
my lonesome
shadow go ??


:: Credits ::

Jars Of Jupiter